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Revamp Your Site into Better Shape

You already have a web site but are not happy with it or the information therein is outdated? There are still more reasons why any organisation should consider revamping their site at least every two years:


  • Keep Up With the Available/Latest Technology
    Websites now allow you to integrate things like social media, blogs, polls, online shops, streaming videos and even unified phone numbers that change based on where the user is located to make it seem like your business is based locally. The list of technologies that can be integrated into a website is ever-growing, and revamping your website is the first step towards harnessing these technologies.

  • Keep Your Design Fresh
    Most viewers can immediately distinguish between a photograph that was taken in the 90s versus a striking sharp image taken recently. To keep your design fresh, you need to update images on your site as well as colors and design elements because they too go in and out of trend.

  • Ensure Your Website is Compatible With Major Browsers & Versions Thereto
    Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox get updated frequently. Consequently, some aspects of your website can stop appearing the way they did originally due to changes made to browser technology. To ensure that your website loads properly across multiple web browsers and on mobile, it is essential to reassess your website often.

  • Integrate Keywords to Continuously Drive Traffic to Your Site
    Keyword integration is one of the ways in which you can help your website get found by prospective customers. Amtech experts can help you through the process of integrating new words into your webpages ensuring it is find tuned to be easily found by your target audience.

  • Cope With Your Business Growth
    Your website must be a reflection of the business in its current state. Have you opened new branches or added products or services to your business but haven’t represented this on your website? You have the potential of selling your products online, but don’t have an online shop? Keeping your website aligned with the growth of your business is as important as keeping your accounts right.

  • Changing in People Psychology
    The way people used to approach and react to website in last decade is drastically different than the mindset of internet users of today. The overall change in lifestyle with social media platforms needs to be taken into consideration when thinking appraising a website. For example the use of introductory pages were popular in those days but now people expects a lot of interactive funtions online.

  • Catch Up With the Competition
    Growing competition is getting worse as more and more service providers props up on the virtual world. You need to be mindful of the competition e.g. if your competitor has revamped its website, it may apply to you as well.

We work closely with you to redevelop a fully integrated web presence for you that bridges the gap between the available technology and your specific business needs. Our highly skilled, creative and experienced designers review all points mentioned above in creating the new site to provide you with a competitive advantage in positioning your services and products.

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