Multimedia Development

Create an Immersive Audience Experience

Using multimedia, your products and services may be presented to the users or decision makers in a most effective manner. Use all channels of communications including graphics, photographs, animation, sound, video and simulations to get your point across.

Amtech provides specialized multimedia design and development services to clients across all business sectors. You can also use our multimedia expertise as a resource to enhance the effectiveness of your online marketing. Creating an immersive audience experience, multimedia can be a powerful addition to your website, eCommerce or broader internet marketing strategy. It allows you to:

  • Distinguish your message from your competitors

  • Engage & make a stronger, more lasting impression on your audience

  • Immerse your prospects in your brand in a more direct and personal way

  • Stimulate your prospects' thoughts & feelings towards your products


Although digital media offers unprecedented opportunities to create and deliver your message, it also presents many challenges in an increasingly crowded online environment. Amtech breaks through the flood of information that distracts your prospects from your core message, bringing your brand back into focus. Bringing together a talented team of developers, designers, copywriters, photographers and other creative resources. Our services are delivered through a consulting arrangement and can be applied to a broad range of projects, including:

  • Homepage animations to enhance your website experience

  • Online Animated Banner Ads

  • Online videos to make a more direct connection with your prospects

  • Corporate presentations that capture your audience

  • Product/Service demonstrations that help prospects visualise your offering

  • Offline multimedia Presentations for use in exhibitions & seminars

  • Text Contents production and Translations

Contact AMTECH today to learn about how we can make your business benefit from the use of effective Multimedia.


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