Client Profile

Amtech has a client portfolio that continues to grow. Our clientele covers the following market segments:




  Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital
  New Jeddah Clinic Hospital
  Dr. Mazen Fitiany Clinic
  Dr. Khalid Idriss Hospital
  Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic
  Hiba Asia Polyclinic
  Dr. Hani Ragaban Clinic
  Jeddah Clinic Hospital Al Kendrah
  Dr. Steth’s Clinic
  Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (Job Portal)
  International Extended Care Center (IMC Group)

Environmental Services

  Saudi Gulf Environmental Protection Co. (SEPCO)
  Granit Middle East.
  Aqua Tech (Water & Wastewater Plants)

Voluntary (Non-Profit) Organizations

  Khadija Attar Center for Children with Special Needs
  Center for Information & Guidance India International
  Saudi Indian Business Network


Contracting & MEP Services

  HAZ International Construction Co. Ltd.
  Alawi Tunsi Establishment for contracting (Makkah)
  Solaiman A. Elkhereiji (SAK) Architect & Engineering Consultants
  Station Group for Concrete & GRC Works
  Saad Abu Khadrah & Co. for Trade, Construction & Maintenance
  MYACO Electromechanical Contractors
  Contracting Office Co. Ltd. (Contraco)
  Modern Eastern Services Trading & Contracting Co. (MDEST)

Educational & Training

  Dr. Soliman Fakeeh College of Nursing & Medical Sciences
  International Indian School, Jeddah
  Islamic Economics Institute, King Abdulaziz University
  Master of Business Administration(CBA) College, Jeddah
  Pakistan International School, English Section, Jeddah
  Future Generation International School, Jeddah
  College of Engineering &Information Technology (EIT), Jeddah
  Logistics for Consultations & Development
  SelecTrain for Human Resources Development
  Faiz Al ThigaSafety Training Institute, Jeddah



Trading & Retail

  Al Faida World Modern Establishment
  4H Trade & Logistics
  Marketing &General Trading Co. Ltd. (Taher Group)
  Ahmed Abdul Wahed Co. Ltd.

Jewelry& Accessories

  Tatto-TattiJewelry & Accessories (Fitaihi Group)
  MAYASS Fashion (Leading Global Brands)

Insurance & Banking

  Al Inma Tokio Marine Company

Holding Companies / Corporate

  AlJaad Holding (Hotel, RE, Petroleum, Travel, Motors, Investment)
  Nazer Group
  Al Kanaah International Corporation
  Central Mining Co. Ltd. (AlQahtani Group)
  Ali Ziad Al Quraishi Co.
  A. R. I. Batterjee & Brothers Co.
  Norgeh Arabia Company Ltd.



Dealers & Wholesale

  Arzaq United Company
  Al Sabah Trading (Citizen Watches)
  RawaehGenève Watches
  Colors Est. for Paints

Hospitality & Residential Compounds

  CROM Hotels & Resorts
  Red Sea Palace Hotel, Jeddah
  Riyadh Compound, Al Khobar
  Coral Hotels & Resorts International
  The Karle Home Stay, India

Travel & Tours

  Al Attas Travel & Tourism
  AmoudiHolidays &Language Study Abroad
  Stars Holidays (Travels, Tours &Study Abroad)
  Pleasure Haven Holidays Travel & Tours

Manufacturing & Production

  Abou Seoud Furniture Factories
  National Confectionary & Tahina Factory Co. Ltd. (TEMA)
  Al Alwani & Memoni Dates
  Al Alwani& Memoni Perfumes
  Al-Sawat Est. for Trading & Paints
  Modern Areez Est.
  Wadi Fatimah Poultry(Ahmed Zainy & Sons Group)
  National Panel Boards Factory

Media Production& Advertising

  Anaqead for Art Productions
  Imagination for Graphic Design & Advertising
  Pre One 0 Event Management
  Ana El Ensan (Online Journal)
  VIA Direct Marketing

Conferences & Exhibitions

  XS- Conferences & Exhibitions
  Go Bonanza
  Saudi Productive Families Conference & Exhibition
  Saudi Stalled Projects Conference
  Saudi International Wedding Fair
  Saudi Japanese Forum
  Arab European Conference for Environment
  GCC Environmental Security Conference & Exhibition

Transportation & Courier Services

  NAQEL (Saudi Post Joint Stock Venture)
  Oriental Commercial Shipping Co. Ltd (OCSCL)
  Transport Bay (Au)

Showrooms & Malls

  Al Ghassan Motors (Luxury Car Brands)
  Lotus Cars Saudi (Al Ghassan Motors)
  Ice Land (Sawary Group)
  Rusumat Co. for Cosmetics




Consultancy Services

  Watan Tech Solutions
  Group 224
  Bajunaid Consultants

Industrial Services

  Saudi Aramco
  Faiz Al Thiga Safety Tools & Materials Providers
  Ahmad Omar Badhidouh & Partners Trading Co. Ltd
  Marine Services Co. Ltd.
  Al Patra Elevators
  Expert Hands
  Ashoor Electric Motors
  Jawa Int’l for Power Concepts

Safety & Security Products

  Okaz Group Security Solutions &ServicesProvider

Information Technology

  Teknosys Software Services
  Saudi Paramount Computer Systems (PCS Saudi)
  Bridge-SS, Outsourcing Services (Dubai)
  Hawx Net International

Sports & Recreation

  Al Ahli Soccer Academy

Real Estate & Development

  JMIX-RE (Al Jaad Holding)
  Al Hijaz Estate